El Kahhal family with over a century of heritage specializes in handmade rugs production and trading . Proudly still operating from the same factory and oldest existing retail store in Khan El Khalili since 1936. Following in the footsteps of the first Syrian merchant, Abdallah El Kahhal , who established Wekalet El Kahhal in the same historic area in 1871. As a result of emerging market needs and changing customer requirements, the fifth generation Kahhal Looms was born. Established by Hend El Kahhal and Mohamed El Kahhal in 2002, branching from the classic El Kahhal Carpets to introduce contemporary rugs and modernizing the retail experience by expanding from the heart of Cairo to East and West of Cairo. Kahhal Looms utilizes the family heritage, know-how and market experience to venture into developing new designs, contemporary techniques and sourcing unique products to accommodate the modern lifestyle and aspiring demands.